the dormaclock ap 11



sweelinck piano the other day   wanted to write some poetry   but instead   the incessantly cross tilt of word upon word   where’s the senselessness   ness   nesses at the edge of the world

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


the dormaclock ap 9

the black and white

The black and white

softlence and soft page   it all go and ready to gleam   on broken worries   and pedal fix tunes and sounds amazing   record the Bach while it lasts   but only if that man hadn’t come into the room   and stopped   over in the corner whispering   and sitting there scared to move   or touched the black and white   why   so I find it hard to be so   slow intermezzo larger than hands   layer on the piano   cake and gravitational art   at such serenity painful and graft   soft shoulder shrunken hands   light in the stairwell and smell of tea   and warm hand me   tilt and ficfuc   to the head space and cage   and pin yourself together wrest plank

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


modern pianists

modern pianists


modern pianists



about pieces

my computer

packed it’s case

and vanished

my modern pianists

in it’s entire no 1

can’t rewind this


181 utp


virginia aurora scott 2016

the dormaclock ap 7

word mire

Word mire

think it’s 8.45   catch up in the minivan   rush for work   cello in car and rush   work   coffee   no lunch break   there till I was finished   take rehearsal    other tutor not turning up   evening getting longer   longer shadows hit the road   make for somewhere warm   shiver   cold pews in church   piano not in tune   alright on the night   virginals in pieces   alright for the performance   instead of getting into two way thinking arrangements   workshop postponed   till further into the word mire I go   till further is nowhere   write I must write   and wonder how everything is managing to stick together   beat beat floundering in more word mire


Virginia Aurora Scott


windy carports 100

the dormaclock ap

The dormaclock ap

shiny tower window glow gold in sun lady of laguna lilliana and my friend lean on the universal dictionary and fast forward despite the haar next morning when flowers arrived from the wolf in sheep’s clothing there was no time to lose more fun than two barrels of keys not on your nelly duff him up this was streaking madly across otto’s flash drive veering cut the cackle run for tunnels and batten down several hatchbacks prior to hands in warm water then cold three times before lunchtime concert this space continuum filling in for due to unforeseen circumstances no digital time left on the dormaclock ap up with the lark next over shine unsolicited mail trashed toxic pigment far in a way the better for it long rumbling clinking car engine lost time developing door slam crow squawk and fin du jour end of a long art of looking up ways scoring out irrelevant meanderings redaction to the primitive

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


the dormaclock ap 2

door paintings

door paintings

3 door paintings   one black   one white   one flesh tint   what if I had been the martina of the piano   not possible   as athleticisms of the pianistic variety   were uninteresting   sounds   harmonies change   and the change breaks into the crease   from eight little canvases   in inks and pencil   again and again

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016