with biro medium

with biro medium

with biro medium

there now the sky a deeper blue and brighter sun

and run with the pen now after days of typing

thinking to edit away some here some there of the precious little letter bundles

and thinking twice to keep what’s there and only small corrections

if in when in the tension shoulders

and slow motion next

undercurrented the distant sound of a radio

or some one trying to play something instrumental

airplane hum high hum and car passing glide

dove singing little loop of 5

get song lyrics and interlace imaginary resolutions perspectives

developing simultaneous constructions

and deconstructions writing with biro medium and so forth


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


12 poems 13 lines

some live in caves

some live in caves


some live in caves


breeze cold breeze

brow of hill quiet earth serenity

soon to be bombarded with G4

last place safe place

represented a haven from electro sensitivity problems

now to evaporate

find look find somewhere

almost an impossibility

some live in caves

some live shielded

some commit suicide

got to cope at a certain level

better the devil you know


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


12 poems 13 lines




me in my window with universal dictionaries

open a map of sweden northwestwards

what for this day

no piano sun on the bright keys looking out of the window

anger in a black landscape

no 13 thirteen aroma thru doors

the deludedness

the neccessity

poise past participle

the narcissus narcissism narcissistic life

powerlessness in the possibilities

sea of possibilities

hedonistic populace and the sound of practising learners


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


12 poems 13 lines

need some air

need some air

need some air

sleep outside on a the friday night you know

call the manager

the eyeless stewardess

need oxygen

need some air

sit alone with bad wolf at the throat

milk of human kindness allargando

time to ditch the party tricks and worm completes

that’s better in the mind spaces

head on hand stare at the fourposter windows

persistence of memory

canary yellow on beige

takes me to the car suddenly


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


12 poems 13 lines

quiet as a candle

quiet as a candle

quiet as a candle

grey grey skies soundless street

and feels like friday

apparently so

to switch on the light over the road left window

you light your way

days imminent decision

books in various piles in corner shelves and shining spines

forget the music

the splendid ornamental cello rested on it’s spikes

quiet as a candle

less flicker more legato please

pizzicato rainbow

last shilling turned to dust


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


12 poems 13 lines




limousine outside to take us to concert art school

ancestral kinematic and spheres

lodge and hop into a restaurant

but someone must have had a timetable for all of this

it just doesn’t happen by itself



jump on a plane

gig concert or something

eat upstairs with lots of laughs

and just stood there most of the time

inanimated by rewrites

it all becomes an investigation eclpitical


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016

12 poems 13 lines