the dormaclock ap 4

play a little Sweelinck

Play a little Sweelinck

been there before   no no play a little sweelinck   not again now play a little sweelinck   and make peace with the sounds   trying to make peace with the there   voices heard   put some senselessness   in   inside the past operations   and new newest sounds of unravelled centre   and chinks of connectedness   a chink connects itself   as light emerges   it’s just a page of white   it’s just a shade of light   a chink   it somewhere in a time   when I am repeating myself   I can’t keep hold of the thought of her anymore mmI know she’s there   but my inside has overflowed   and the baby some infant has gone out with the bath water   offspring   was she offspring   am I offspring   am I actress   am I doll   am I fluorescent   am I   am I that   am I here for someone her elseness   am I thinking about   it could have been different   I could have been wiped out   wiped out   currently returning from wipe out inksmell

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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