windy carports 100

the dormaclock ap

The dormaclock ap

shiny tower window glow gold in sun lady of laguna lilliana and my friend lean on the universal dictionary and fast forward despite the haar next morning when flowers arrived from the wolf in sheep’s clothing there was no time to lose more fun than two barrels of keys not on your nelly┬áduff him up this was streaking madly across otto’s flash drive veering cut the cackle run for tunnels and batten down several hatchbacks prior to hands in warm water then cold three times before lunchtime concert this space continuum filling in for due to unforeseen circumstances no digital time left on the dormaclock ap up with the lark next over shine unsolicited mail trashed toxic pigment far in a way the better for it long rumbling clinking car engine lost time developing door slam crow squawk and fin du jour end of a long art of looking up ways scoring out irrelevant meanderings redaction to the primitive

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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