windy carports 93

a cadence too many

A cadence too many

word doodles at a time and shifting appropriate energies in the direction of some positive shift the load half full or half empty sounds very soft and or excuse me how come to this witless conclusion to a cadence too many at five o’clock how rush hush rush up the twisty turning stairway a million sound proofing doors to nowhere still hear strains of listz and furious out of sync floppy bass bow bass with the big vibration and into ancient pianos as old as mine puzzle how they got there slowly decaying froth and fluff and feeling lonely in the corner with the lid closed with a key what could be in it for them in it for the likes of these ivory slices and tree formed formulations and design just there awaiting a little schubert or later hausen

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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