windy carports 83

think positive

Think positive

departure les adieux seems more focused attention to the progression and architrave the tectonic and shifting the advanced and regressed the circuitous and binary parallelogramatic co-incidence of key structure timing balance figuratively swelling the sound waves and absolute zeros winding up and slowly and at one time one speed the inventioning rhythmically perambulating yeah this and that and les adieux and the street looking on and the mirror image the retrograde and hill becoming the long narrative and stretching it’s confines listening to where it’s going following the fix switch of the change of no key no measures no breaks in the acoustic repeat repeat beat beat long dawn

better go now # lindy

this is the point time passed followed the glide worked it’s way lane wards this mirrored piano central and modern pianists to go the street now quiet and empty hold hold on till tomorrows thinking will follow you there in the same thing quietly locking the door and softly slinking off into the new day sometimes reality unfrets the grey pasted paper skyless in gaza for example when octagonal feeling cirrhosis clamp guts the font after all in the gizzard of behaving nicely when all was about to be said and done about the cello about it and oh what would anyone notice about the roots knotting underground grown after all these years after realities could have been faced but most likely the big hand of the clock just kept moving round in fits and starts it can’t be the wolf again but she’s thinking about up in the high throat pushing at the tear taps and volition quick back into the mirror room and bring the wolf with you she can howl in her dream and keep you safe if you speak to her in pentameter oblique and strategic it does not all end in tears even when the worst is over adjustable new piano stool was delivered and placed by the newer of the two pianos both now had good seating sink posturally and off with imaginary audience to the syntactic restorations hold back catalogue of slow moonlit sonatas suddenly speed arhythmic sound tags sweet clusters chords and the lady downstairs couldn’t hear a thing

that’s more like it # lindy

face the music and arrest this image frozen on an eye somewhere in the standing in this space don’t like to say this but people are so boring because they speak and don’t listen to the sound they make how come it’s all so impossibly inside out tone colour etc how come we keep trying to make it that wayhow come

what’s the matter with you now # wafer you sound as if you walked through a hedge backwards

or more like the hedge walked through me backwards# lindy it’s been a bit of a shambles  not the mirror piano room but the professor from the picture window he’s got it in his head hat the subsidence in his basement is due to the weight of the two grand pianos and bergere despite the fact that we had not been there long

he said that # wafer

aye # lindy

think positive # wafer just freeze him out he’ll soon come to one of his sense or another he’s just embittering confusions

and after storm abandonments just in the nick of time just as the door slammed and the turbines waved post modern thought air from another planet landed microscopically focussing on nothing in particular in and around the triple glazed window looking down the long lanes dark alley of walking home it’s way here and not necessarily anywhere meanwhile the wolf snored quietly underneath and by the door no one can get in here anyway

what’s he going to do write some missive he’ll probably forget for a start # wafer

I think you’re right # lindy he can’t even remember to eat his cake perched north of his reach when he works it’s all a bit of a sci-fi messmare in there dangling croftamie and rock and roll suicide he misremembers and misvisions miscellaneously and continually due to the starry nights and microwave binaries from the repeater at a venue outside his back door despite the mini micro climate tree growth under his milky wood then there’s another thing well anyway need to keep the ficfuc out of that barrel of keys

yeah # wafer

in the mean wander the big dog was barking for biscuits by the time he’d gone up hill downhill to the river bridge and so forth past the picture window which was now in darkness and for all intents the last of this purposeful long sighs was still to be exhaled in time to the giuccardi resonance which was in it’s process something lindy has always wanted to do moonlit or not how about the woman how about the song she received from the giver sender big light reflection next door opposite light white the grey troubled sky like inner feeling uncongealed unaligned misread and fragile

but we’re in the mirror room now # lindy and that’s the main thing

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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