windy carports 73

the anola time

The Anola time

trust therapy sit quiet and I’ll begin thrice upon a time there was a cerebral eternity crushing in on icebergs of fixation it proved itself immovable due to lack of piano the only way to be stick to the point pin yourself together like a drip on a stone mechanism how to escape that narrative ascending¬†scaled chromatic dim 7th and a few octaves after deep breathing arms up and then to your side not allowed to think about the necessity to embellish embroider the few fragments that appear to have survived the anola time examined with scrutinous care in every nano detail so as to reveal a story¬†a line inside a line everything but the truth so for whatever reason a default is a default and try as I may it seems to end up with bacchanaliac visions akin to a gathering storm need to breath chink opens and closes not always able to de or un couple the imagination

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016


Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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