windy carports 36

Sense of importance

who’s in the piano room now pressing down her hand cream beige black car man and a little girl in the frozen north antartica of 4’33” so how did we get from there to the chink or will the chink now be dissolving to claim a reward for the time silence and looking for my father see him now in the chink his loss of importance his need no no repeat no temporary fix would you like a lift no repeat I’m going your way no but hey you seem to have lost your sense of importance is there anything I can do to help that’s the ficfuc of it all eyes at the back of it’s head eyes in the piano better not look up eyes in the back of his head better not look repeat repeat till chink awareness brings it’s unravel and ray of ah all the lilliana’s and lindy’s cassandra’s in the piano room hands pressing down intake breath and let’s 4’33” puzzle over puzzle concert tours and unticked boxes seem clearer now at least this particular tick of the bird clock not so fancy blue clear gimme some more blue sky in the camera oscura bristol crow clack and lack of punctuation to three different birds the soundscape and significance of the hand pressing down tbc

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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