windy carports 21

The migraine switch

I fumbled for the migraine switch off button it only happens when I don’t expect first the crazy lights then the tongue tie the I have to run and get out of here and the way home in distress count down from ten count down to the bottom of the keyboard 10ths that resound and slowly build a few chords lindy part evenly arpeggiated for now and then if the sense of advent gains caution to the wind perhaps soft little fingering over the top of low medium high figurations as low as six four like brahms and rachmaninov should cradle the serenity disguised as we all know it songs and you can also decide to stand up and pluck strings inside but you have to mark the dampers with letters at least makes it a bit easier but mostly you can’t tamper keyboards and owners a breed of defensiveness rears if you touch anything except the keys well of sounds


Virginia Aurora Scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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