windy carports 18

Bunuel by the piano

the telephone and it’s relationship to the piano room under dusk how can postmodernity approximate the resulting contextual glyphs horizontally preluding the empty sound mind if left to itself it can accumulate volcanically caller display defense shield wait till later till the fuss has died down how sound boards wish them dead or alive when grooved into dialogues kontaktes full of egoic gestures a wire pulled out of it’s socket on a alternate eve and the participating pianist recapitulating resignedly there was the likelihood that the caller would never understand how to stop gyrating in mirror self flashing symphonies of sympathy to a perceived loser the shadow of the bright sky real sun up in the full moon brightness arriving later at two pianos near you the defender of the defensive risks risks let take risks to alienate the poor dick who did all the donkey work in the first andalou by the way all piano go dali and bunuel by the piano way what it’s about that this and the les adieux that the art of europe didn’t underestimate

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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