windy carports 17

Intrauterine exclamation mark

The mobile van in the supermarket car park is here to irradiate your breasts one at a time clench your horror tight steel environmental relax why don’t I plates wind it in further till drink me down a rabbit hole sterility ficfuc see them where you go saves thinking about what herd herd manifestations a pin yourself together phrase like that means discreet discretion words imprinted safety leaflet and reception sterile swabs intrauterine exclamation mark put it on hold listen to which music press two for classical non si puo andare la giu senza permesso ti dico the piano talks back in a variety of expressive expletives if your not careful ranging form the sublime when the ivory at the top just springs out of place and on a dry summer day can be pushed back into place or ficfuc she’s out of time temperature and humidity and the worn corners of the schuman complete works with staples that cut your fingers if your not careful 1st edition to you bannerman belonged to someone else’s pianist permesso time’s up

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016





Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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