windy carports 15

He came to meet us

and following every move she made as smokey swirls ascended from her now fat hands such cheerful smile sat there in the kitchen tv blaring italian overdubs to films already seen terrazzo floor cool evening air no piano no room except blank room in my head passing time delay the owl hooted on the balcony every night gave some one a fright it’s uncomforting presence on the balconette some things are real breath can’t breath so well in there hot wind over the hills insects everywhere music of the day at ten at night what about that cold drink up in the hills over watching luciole in someone else’s shoes time time time up have no memory of long train home but he came to meet us at the boat and I knew he was lost standing there under silence could feel the paintoo late the door bolted long since how lacking in a home coming retour le retour

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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