windy carports 7

Subliminal on off flicker

shadow of the street light on next door across two ovals on middle bay window darker glows new pen and all tomorrows thinking the red curtains drawn in over long windows traffic humming high road traffic distant and swifts skirls still and next another piano room or does there even have to be anything like that or one by one the piano rooms fade diminish retrace track lace inter vanish reappear reconstruct reactivate microwave shadow quiet and strip light surged subliminal on off on off flicker off with the two pianos the bergere and two flat pack tables the two lady lamps with 100 watt bulbsside long glancing laptop keyboard and how should anyone know except that the tall triple glazed window crenellation seemed now to look down on a long straight street busied and populated by urban activity cold steely rain drop preludes rivering determinately crisscrossing its’ glossy surface a sitting softly to watch the laptop screensaver swirl slow spiral auras well# lindy what next modern pianists I think it best to start with the 2 as the 1 got lost when the last laptop died still morning ficfuc at least a point of reference start at the top go with flow sway time shift serenity

Virginia Aurora Scott



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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