windy carports 6

What if

what years and life of volcano diaries were to come from that ostrich pluming into the sun graves of slower than grave it used to be all go when she entered and sat played slender scales with lively brown hair and right excuses no what if what if not could be not only and only could be not only why scales and piano key geography geographical layers and tiny tune repeat itself repeat and on and endlessly where in the loop can you edit the line or just tilt it in and loose time stretch time to make it skip ectopic beat piano ectopic plan layers in climb and retro climb and ps it affects my laptop red car bleep when bleep what if it was 4.33 and if not why not who looks at the screen like that when simply everyone had no emendation of a time close to a slow sway

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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