windy carport 5

Beidermeier bergere

well I suppose that could have been all about it all things considered by the water and stream in a field of black daisies and whatever other sound bite could push itself in under a now greying sky Lindy sank safely down into her great grandmother’s beidermeier bergere which had always been referred to as the love seat and had been given to her gg years once upon a time ago by her best friend ethel who had moved away to a place called westbury on trym in a town called bristol and forgot all about it as silence 4’33” fell over the piano room a schumann intermezzo stillimperceptibly resonating feral and romantic under fingers under water under hand gently conversing with the large strong supermarket bag placed openly on a contemporary bench mark table it’s contents not having been subjected to musak but absorbed in the sooth electrical whirs of ventilations gentle shoppers conversing and hum of fridge units a little like a stockhausen mantra minus the ring modulator flowing glides and deep in the forest correct flow of pen and paper crank up the ficfuc which despotism soon plumbs imaginary depths of the key storm chink

Virginia Aurora Scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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