windy carports 1

play it the other way round

Presenting a peculiarly disordered interpretation

days fast days in which we leave or understand the pain that touches us you can dodge the currents if your all go on the occipital ridge the skull where the neck begins interludes and postludes little moods and voices always back to schumann in the end not on your mobile phone laconically presenting a peculiarly disordered interpretation of fast skips and easier to play it the other way round rewriting the spread of finger upset the shutter speed and all the qualities of cut ups and with the following right hand passage she still sitting still at the piano bluthner upright watching the handsome playing some jazz running passages etc now on the black keys easy and now she’s destroying the doll in the boredom cumulus said anxiety tecton

virginia aurora scott 2016



Author: Vv

Composer/ Pianist/ Writer

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