the unknowable transforming point 426/ 430

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

The professor’s back light

Could do with some distraction
behind the silence looms the air
the picture window shifts
surround sounds arc behind the sky
the turbines slowly waving loflty on the crest oblivions
side glancing peripheral and inner visions
to the keys of one piano come the chords
designing quick soft etch into airless air quiet
and desiccated repeat repeat view into the picture
how deep is the perspective
look to the professor’s back light halo corona tut and out breath
off to another town
carry your history in your head
inner geography past present
and oh not the future
we can’t go there
is there a piano room ahead
traffic light says go forward walk into the desert
life doesn’t mean you can’t do it only that your still thinking
up into the clear dali sky

something like that anyway
just scan it
and blue trans lunminousity on the sill of my window
from light sky
sit down at the newer of the two pianos
not even a note today

Unsequential thinking

Nursie nursie would you leave me some calm
formidable and unsequential thinking
you know
I dreamt I was photographing gilbert and george
and a girl with a cello playing microtone chords
then next day I found I was clovering through
lush fields of hexadecimal veridian pigment
gracefully chauffeuring my motionless self
through the four gated city’s final pages
would you
leave me
some calm

The professor’s computer

Calmer this day of seventeen sun lit days
car rush down street
and sunlit picture window closing
to the piano world of simultaneous out breaths
the lean becoming too much headwork affrontery
for the curious amateur
who’s admiration of the view light and airy deconstructs the 4’33”
and the professor’s computer
lighting the space between the two small windows
looking onto the street
replicating stances and incarnations
visible to the discerning eyeless pedestrian
through the yellow gauze
you misremember me
you misremember my name
now at the piano the two pianists nod imperceptibly
and begin to play
one piano on chordal minimalistic deep
and the other on the long melodic pantonal slow sway
the verandah looking into the veridian
distant drone of motorcycle tribes
tripping the local avenues
light from foreign climes and back to the sarabandes
scanning ancient kodachrome
run resolution high to the double bar line

Don’t start

17 hours to restore the external hard drive
a good excuse to forget what was happening underground
roots moving animals and safe foundations
and decompositional deconstructions sweet demeanour
I’m your friend developing decompositional
let’s not be too sad it’s already the twilight
play 2 pianos imaginary
carried on accompanied by tap tapping computer keyboard
uninterrupted till dusky day decided to
well god knows it seemed like hours anyway
and this music was somewhat tango du reve yawn
let’s get on with something more like a challenge
need to move the pianos for a start
there’s too many moths and mould in here for survival of the fittest # lindy
Iv’e never known anything like such a basement place
full of pianos of all kinds # wafer
what are you talking about now # lindy
oh the other day I came across this place
he called himself a piano technician full of ancient pianos
which he would restore to order
tinder just tinder
upstairs 2 people playing two pianos
little piece of you and the like
to entertain the hoards who at the particular tick numbered zero # wafer
so not the piano heaven one dreams of
with 12 ft steinways that once belonged to very rich
and famous song composers and lust at good price # lindy
and by the way I’m shifting my pianos from the professor’s place
the vibes are getting a bit dark
Iv’e got the feeling the machine will be rusted before long
his wife left him you know
how come # wafer
I just think I need a place of my own not shared like that
the prof’s always sitting at the computer
gazing with luminous halo at the flickers
and can’t answer simple questions # lindy
oh is that a fact # wafer
yeah i’m not sure that’s not tantamount to discrimination you know # lindy
och don’t start # wafer
the two stared deep into their distant horizons
and no more was to have been said
before long more could be said
the pianos were being relocated
by a very large round man with a wee trolley
to some place safe if less glamorous
round the corner from the flat
the land lady more accommodating and less intrusive
but you never know

Piano relocation zone

Now practising and recording for the new modern pianist could restart in earnest
just in the tick of the clock time
as the picture window verandah establishment was experiencing an historic subsidence
which was to lead in the not too distant
to a general collapse of it’s descending driveway and drain
subsequent scaffolding and high pitched micro drilling
caused alarm and disturbance to the neighbouring residents
who were having to practise their cellos in the evenings
instead of the morning at fresh moment
it would be some time
I’m glad to be out of it # lindy
the prof was always trying to offer me sweet certainties
and his could you not stay a little while longer gave me the creeps
with his low slung voice after quick mirror glance
and hand on the bottle opener
yeah # wafer
deep into digital camera reveries and reviews
I was never sure if he wasn’t recording my sets on his computer # lindy
anyway iv’e moved the pianos and the bergere
back again to the sound proof place near the station
a bit more expensive but anonymous
can walk there anytime
not tied to the picture window time space continuum
and the professors tiny windows
people always looking in through the peach coloured tab curtains and chinks
what are you talking about now # wafer
anything you like # lindy
since you don’t listen anyway undertone
och away and make some tea # wafer
this would not be the time
to enter into the hermeneutics of libation making ceremonies
from the special shop rota
it would be perhaps easier said than done
so lindy hummed her little clyde tune
to hold her fire and pride herself in her piano relocation zone
minus impenetrable synonymous accoutrements


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