the unknowable transforming point 406/ 410

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Silence and blackbird

Otherway page one
flip side over the smokey sky
who is this looking into my word eyes of the piano
is there life out of the piano room
there has to be
a lighter let it grow
clack hum
car down street and hint of blue over the roof next door over
silence and blackbird
flying past the tall window still soft enough
knock at someone’s door
don’t look now
these two old friends are travelling thru landscapes
they say goodbye to everything
and we are happening people like them
we are happening
the difference between thinking and dreaming
promise in motion

Wi-fi acoustimeter

Walk the dog in early eve before the rise in intensity
follow the grey clouds eyes in and around the lake
forget the music and lost keys over all the words and songs
let’s go north to find some other sounds alternative
think of a subject
and uplands not the place
you think it is with it’s wi-fi acoustimeter
then in the full gaze of the crowd
quarterly meter readings were to be replaced by smart invisible
tick talk talk packets sent invisible tempo
and when would be appropriate to have another consultation

Run pen run

I felt intensive a moment a go
but it has now subsided
no need for anything but the words and serenity of the existing sounds
run pen run across the page
and hand me pass me the momentary lapse of person
in red door slam car off in opposite direction
door slam mostly coming and quiet going now of an evening in motion
although it’s probably not what it appears to be
who knows what chosen words and lilting conversation
slow sway indecisively caught in glow of laptop screen and the river view
from the vast picture window
uncurtained reflective and blurred
slow sip railway tea with no sugar
train fast past disappearing line into the last kick of the sun
behind grey smokey cloud cover

What everyone needs

Time to light a little burner
spread some scented oil into space
and bergamot embrace
the best of air from another planet
these are the lines chosen to rock you to sleep in the digest of day
picture me window in that house where honey flowed down the walls
the white wall and the little irish man
and the bees in the roof and the rooms that got bigger
and feeling of home in the kitchen
fresh hob and all you need
that to be sure feeling
what everyone needs
her kitchen was real
with giant cupboard
full of crockery from stately home sales
that house down street door wide open
in her now empty house
then the dark house and my old giant lady
standing over me while I scratched at the barren soil with a stick
a stone she laid at my feet
stone lady down by the river

The owl on the verandah

Gathering dreams the day # wafer
that’s nice # lindy
the haar was full of them # wafer
oh aye # lindy
aye # wafer blowing out the candle
and listening to the back of his mind
and watching the moon travelling over and past the picture window
the owl on the verandah and the close of day


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