the unknowable transforming point 396/ 400

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

The mindhills

I can see or hear or think
that these words having travelled along side the uphill struggles
are ready for less is more in the music competition department
so calendula on till dusk and not be reproduced by any means
or conventional we go into the mind hills
saying goodbye to old friends travelling thru landscapes
even though one of them now could not get through
the landscape the other
the landscape the time
the landscape in a landscape painter
the landscape setting on a camera
the land in context out of context
contextual a word
the part of a written word contextualise
underneath 2 big volumes of the cosima wagner diaires
and paper writings
and the making of americans gertrude stein
and all about it thousands of pages to be read
it’s friday night i’m off

Nine on the minus

pin myself together with a cigarette menthol consulate
plunge into some let the story beginning to the end
fur of the she wolf
round my neck
the encores getting longer
and more a frequent pick up where I left off
aunt waves at the red bus
going past gorbals cross at 8.55
smiling face red lipstick film star
slight rouge point of reference
viewed form backwards look
as her office swallowed her into it’s timetable
nine on the 33” minus the songs
going circular narrative in my head
because by that time
someone would have been talking about leaving
that’s it we’re off

2 volumes

Pin yourself together
pin hat pin
centre pins
wrest pins
safety pin
2 volumes one gold one purple
unsettling detail of someone else’s life
monday july 10 1880
the wildest of nights

Cut the cackle

Vatluna etruscan
she wolf lady of night
early eyes of inspiration
mint grey sky
more over cigarette cadenza edge
copy out yourself ok
the volume one
the volume two
after travelling through 24 feet of snow
and the window to the left unlit
with it’ s own fascinating background story
och cut the cackle


Quiet street distance jumbo rumble chem trails
all songs again doves
and other birds that whistle birds that sing
car in the drive way last a lifetime
anecdotal evidence
corrina life meaning corrina corrina on
scribble at the peak
that sweet so north by north west chink
stay quiet
cassandra quick as lightening
on the tremolando octaves in blackmail hitchcock
avanti miles drop off at the back theatre entrance
special 1st performance
the privilege audience
sea of frozen faces
to have c quick at a premier near you
he paid a good fee and opened an account at jenners
(don’t tell veronica)
see you later miles dear # cass
right you are # miles
window next door over left 1st floor lit
door slam grey dull grey sky night after night



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