the unknowable transforming point 391/ 395

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Virtual noiseless still

Now the apricot sun sussurates
over the left hand corner of the red brick next door over
where the hedge soft trimmed newly joins in the thread
viewing slow dulling fade and disappearing shine
orchid in the window
train hooting north two carriages empty
and bird calling soft quarter tones to and fro
the crows thankfully distant relatively silent and panned out
crepuscular fall out
street in virtual noiseless still
someone moves upstairs
peaceful day old friends and book space
lucky vVvVv or all that

Black car and movie

Scribble at the peak of the north chink wave
no one there
stay quiet a while
the river flows with the tide and someone waiting
this time black car and movie
and set down at the end of the road while snowflakes fell
came as a surprise the meeting at the doorway at hansa
I didn’t know you were here
berlin again running on empty
fall in love with you
why don’t you take the book back kicking and screaming
in the store at the shop around
waiting till the beast arrives
long time there
say quiet a while
it’s in the interests of how come the autograph book went missing
or was that just a barrel of monkeys
as fly as a writer of experimental fiction
trying to work away through the stereotypical formulas
avoiding all the lumps and bumps
and ending up writing an anaglyptical set of fridge magnets
which can be arranged and rearranged ad infinitum
to produce vesuvial fall outs
of a very predictable and particular colour
at set box times
in between concentrated if’s and bouts of practise instrumental or religious
for the purpose of core psychological shift

What gives

to the right in a spin
to the left out of spinach
to the north lights and movements
south over the river
arabesque intermittently or evenly spaced
according to what gives
remember all these books you read
when one thing lead to another


Black coffee that’ll settle your nerves
that’s a gas #
lighting her dunhill menthol with the little gold band
comfort rock slow sway
in cream and beige handsome performance
university quartets on a friday lunch time
arrive a bit bushed after running out of desire objectives
in the flat someone rang the door bell
she in fur coat
will you shut the ficfuc up at this time of the 24
some of us are trying to practise for finals # lindy
but no longer available caller display
had to make mincemeat of the persistent caller somehow
after the gold rush
eyes bright
eyes blue
or whatever colour
blondine cream beige and the piano ashtray
could see outline window at his back
and quiet student in smoky mist
famous pianist too in that room de temps en temps
with debussy art of europe
and several transcriptions for the outer hebrides on the order sheet
all booked up for two years advance
music club and theatre group
ad infinitum

The box set

Adagio on the einstein on the beach set list
and make yourself clear
what’s the fun in that
what if I decided to go on a long walk over hill and down dale
in the hope of finding some inspiration from the wild life
and let’s return to the pointlessness
before the box set languishes any longer
in the discreet shelf behind the blue door
here the black painting already


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