the unknowable transforming point 386/ 390

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

In the ronika storm

Next morning
bright morning dew and skinny latte
lindy left to her phone ring tone
riders in the storm the doors
and helloooed
that was fortunate
as ronika was panicking again
as her bechstein tuner had not turned up
second hand ivory head no 167b in keyboard parts and materials
from the hecksher catalogue
no new tusks on this piano noo # ronika had said
how ridiculous what do they mean #
chuffed the hand pressing down down street down hill
but riders in the ronika storm
skipped a beat or two just remembering all of that for two seconds
while she and lindy counted sheep
and worked on recital programme to include
sarabandes and slow bach
only for an audience of saturdays and sundays
the b minor a favourite
once the mordent was slow integrated
at the end of the first binary form
also in c minor
jazz rock it up bit # said lindy
ronika nodding furiously over puzzle over puzzle
in the cold cold edinburgh rain
but now the trams have returned
the traffic near waverley station
would have had it’s tea
as in you’ll have had etc
once she was a professor of course
there would have been a marked improvement in her language
at least in the presence of her adorings
no ficfuc till apres ski
although tempted a few times

And towers falling

less is more
was the new blue sky thinking
mantras again and again
she would return to the park
and the river
and towers falling
as if she had woken from a dream
that changed her life
fields of black daisies
river called swim
a creeping sensation etc
clipped wings the incredible sky space
lindy ronika and ep
became lindy/ ep piano
and ronika a kind of composer in residence
arranging composing chancey experiments for the sea of faces
one minute and languish long langsam
and next minute art of europe
arranged for piano and cello
the original unplayable 2 cello pantonal
sometimes if in a breeze
ep hersel would do bella caledonia (tonal) as encore
electrified with home made picups
or lindy would play
the hydroceel is the answer to both humidity and dryness
by the way


Meanwhile back at the ranch
it was all ok bar the slamming doors
keep out to cold callers with dangling name tags in teams
hyped and caffeined and boyband
the advent of G4 and man skincare
surely the san francisco hyatt regency embarcadero centre bell boy
would have arranged it differently
that string quartet live with earl grey
these cascading vines and see through elevator
don’t look down ronika
turn widdershins and
get out quick ep #
pack up your cello and spilt before the lady cellist jokes meet the fockers
and how do you get that under your chin being the least of it
the sky is dove grey evening
and the ss multan has probably long since rusted and disintegrated
after carrying the cameronians to north africa cape bon in 1943
scented and folding scottish rifles


To make an immediate early grey
remembering the palaver at the edinburgh tea emporium introduction
what was that all about
vast selection
hellish place to park
permits only
key to the gate of the gardens
dogs not allowed
unless accompanied by a knight in white satin
telephone call to check that mission had been accomplished
thank you thank you thank you
tea tasted totally different
with the water from a south western city’s 1950’s tap

Menthol cigarette

Light a menthol cigarette forget the music
panoramic window
view to trees growing up around
eventually obscuring the view of the river
and now the curtains velveteen off beige
have been withdrawn due to collapse of stays and execution
the glass expanse enables cool draft inclusion
to the person with back to
slogging thru professorial duties on pads electronic
with coffee and cake poised precariously north of reach
it is a quarter to ten
the invisible piano hoists itself by it’s own petard
and glances with sidelong at the empty space
where the sofa bed once resided
alizarin double damask
so much for the unironed laundry lawn chamomile and potted herbs
that’s my space and friends
once you could be back in scotland briefly
exchanging grassic gibbon and out of print periodicals
over candles and fashionable processed snacks



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