the unknowable transforming point 381/ 385

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Ordovician computer

In a field of black daisies
and a river called the swim for you life
so the black car didn’t find her
as she chose a different route
at the clyde way up the old road to ficfuc
how long did it take you to work that one out
ordovician computer says no
at your peril

The dormaclock ap

Shiny tower window glow gold in sun lady of laguna
lilliana and my friend lean on the universal dictionary
and fast forward despite the haar
next morning when flowers arrived
from the wolf in sheep’s clothing
there was no time to lose
more fun than two barrels of keys
not on your nelly
duff him up
this was streaking madly across otto’s flash drive
cut the cackle
run for tunnels
and batten down several hatchbacks
prior to hands in warm water then cold
three times before lunchtime concert
this space continuum
filling in for due to unforeseen circumstances
no digital time left on the dormaclock ap
up with the lark
next overshine
unsolicited mail trashed
toxic pigment
far in a way the better for it
long rumbling clinking car engine
lost time developing door slam crow squawk
and fin du jour end of a long art of looking up ways
scoring out irrelevant meanderings
redaction to the primitive

Hands in sync

Ways of communicating eye notes to me at seven o three
the words went like that
incline off putting
twitch of the eyes when playing legato
thankfully the camera zoomed on hands in sync
then cut to cellist’s invariably elegant tremolando
vibrato for instances and tail piece
pin le corbusier
angle steady
who’s the cellist by the way
where did she come from
after calling the tea shop
to arrange an introduction and allergo

Condition blah blah

Em exactly
need to think up a name
ok relation
possibly related to the macnair side
say wafer’s cousin
euphemia grace quick
moniker ep
pupil of sebastian lee
relative of christopher
hammer felt and astral phases coming to a cinema near you
akrobat schooon
not to be reproduced distributed
offered for sale or given away
in any form
by any means electronic or conventional
see condition blah blah
when did that ever stop the reams of copiers
in olden days
by hand on manuscript

Dance avec moi

Dance with me a little
avec moi


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