the unknowable transforming point 371/ 375

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Ronika panic

This time it was late
conductress with the green eye shadow and pan stick
fingers her ticket machine
while the black car followed sylph like pianist
shadow downstairs st vincent street towards the station
hop on handle and roar round the corner homewardly
intensely viewing lone driver distantly diminuting
by some strange quirk of fate
miniskirt and chain tweed zip
try again the try again as she was
thursday of the cello set in stone
verandah ronika panic
don’t look downstairs on your own
matter of opinion
assessments in on time
for once a momentary lapse

Caller display

Iv’e got caller display now
in the rear
define with certainty
traffic of unanswered calls
biting my machine
sometimes three times a week
or more on a daily basis

Canelloni with eggplant

Only the lonely arpeggios and passage work
the 4’33” in denial
defensively tap blahnik feet on the marble atrial tile
while abstraction gazing
in art gallery pose for an invisible camera
chattering ondes and door slam bye
in the process
cannelloni with eggplant
no no no
mellanzana if you please
instead of egg and chips
never heard from him again

Wafer himself

The desperate wafer himself
photographing landfill
in a post modern windswept outscape
would have leapt at the chance
to photograph such an indeterminate chancer
had it been possible
to dematerialise at the tick of ficfuc

Set unset

Where’s the chink
lilliana’s breath was rapid
she stood on the platform
instantly recognised her caller display
having to last minute change her running order including encores
to erase her nervous tension wired off mood aromas
the sidelong glance quick shuttered
alone she sat with steinway full throttled
sinking in a reverie of long embraces and floral tributes
as she automatic piloted it’s way through fantasies
and whatever else she had set unset and set again
at the drop of her hairdo
at the encore it was clear that the owner of such expensive shoes
was to approach her disappearing aura for full frontal embrace
cue 4’33” with inopportune exhalation of pin yourself together
do I have to ring back
it was in that tick of the clock
that everything was to become clear
that star of silver screen meets old flame
a useful pr so stunt
pianistically she leant gracefully forward
announcing in a post modern language alternative
open and close of lips and sang
oh… there you are #
how good of you to come
out of the peripheral of the left eye
she arabesqued with sufficient slow speed
for the newspaper hack photographer
not wafer
who’s eagle eye had pulsed instantly
and recognised the man from del monte alike
rushed into the shot fast clicked
and disappeared to make the press
press one for whatever you can think of
press two if black
press one if test print
and pin yourself together to the nearest sign of contempt


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