the unknowable transforming point 366/ 370

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Sure as dorcas

Too dark now
skull and lower left lights on
big disappearing plane sound and crow
punctuating the heart beat
round the corner big space window overlooking trees
temperature going up and rain to follow the barometric vision
it’s the man with the black moustache to read the meter
no smart meter here
or the religious freak dressed in charity shop clothes
with ficfuc leaflets trumpets and towers or something
no it’s the man selling vital savings deals
lanyards and barcodes
lace edge daywear and caramelised futures
best not to answer or better still
not to ask what was it’s like to get caught in that hairdo
sure as dorcas
the answer eschews the point that moves sideways
against the grain gm or otherwise

Starry night huh

The desperation which clock never strikes
upwardly load data tech knowledge
seriously exploding tick tock
when does this finally translate into several ancient languages
designed to retrograde a fashionable pose
cinematographical defense mechanism
but the unprepared piano does not strike
good job it was the end of term
otherwise it would have been dark in that car
starry night huh

Art and emperor

Speaking in translations becomes an effort after a while
whether from the noise of lilliana’s technique
mrs forth’s avant garde patisserie order on a friday for end of practise in triple concerto
and music altered perspectives
slow arranged by a visiting professor
who was looked upon as climate change of the keyboard
put them in the freezer past five #
while we warm up some thrilling contemporary ‘ImPLANTS’
for indeterminate number of players
arranged eye to eye
recorders gracefully circling revox and ambient
her inner voice drowned in confusioning
justifiably locked into the click track
got hep
suddenly electronics transmuted into fast aggrandising memento mori
the cake solidified at minus 23
fair isle knitting patterns rehabilitated colour matching the bird’s nest hairdo
of the retro inhabitant of the southwards apartment
it was all over in a trice
ovations and academic copyright declarations
visiting professor by this time
sphygmomanometering into his ruck sac
disappearing on his next to new marini helmeted
head turn and quick waving the off
fast outlet for art and emperor

What a gas

Persistently lionising in breaths
skirly voice barks
with 2 under piano controversial performances
01 silence ago
02 silence all go
03 silence inevitable
3 sonatas apres cage for his centenary
whenever it was
slapped with a copyright infringement order
to the tune of exorbitant large dollars
to which both composer and performer fast grimaced
and took the next train to nowhere
what a gas


Hermeneutics of the chink
fast forward and bus in out stereo
a cappella fortune shining on lilliana’s concert programme
which probably altered it’s running order
to include shostakovich sonata no 2
although it frankly goes on a bit
though nice wee sing
more than 4’33” strangely enough
if the sea of faces were anything to go by


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