the unknowable transforming point 361/365

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass


Maybe I was wearing my refurbished suit with better buttons
and caring if I was looking at an old map of gibraltar
sonata no 2 for piano by shostakovich wasn’t to be mentioned
in the performance of s set lists in lilliana’s hearing
unprogrammable between another and one thing
considering how the haar from the firth began to envelop her gaze
meanwhile the yellow film noir flickered noiselessly
on the little tv box by the gas fire one bar only
enough to keep the company merry and bright
between another and one thing

Send me back home

Retrospectively ballard of high rise
it would be impossible to practise for more than fifty three minutes
before five
when the sirens rang out
factory workers spilled out in droves homeward in milan
at any rate
altogether another scenario
when detached property aside
practise was intolerable due to deranged curfews
autosuggestion disorder of not the mazurkas today
I realised I was walking on thin ice
crack crack
rush take me back there
without the underlay
what I meant was I just wanted to get away
send me back home not rome
try to ignore bloody obvious
when one track mind activated
by microwave shadow to come
the art of de rooming the elephant
so as to get one’s own way
lead to escalation of fruitless exercises
collision in drumlin mind
don’t tell veronica

In the middle

She was walking with him around town
and it never entered her head to find out more
the bookshop closed at five
and the huxley eyeless glanced ficfuc
a stare intuitively like the four gated city
read it to the end
lessing these lady pieces of wonder word
now the red seems clearer to me
in tune terrain tabasco terrabyte
in the middle of nowhere
in the middle of somewhere
in the middle of in der nacht
in the middle of talking to you
in the middle of playing shostakovich
in the middle of making suggestions
in the middle of breathing deeply
in the middle of taking umbrage
in the middle of a rhetorical question
in in the middle of disagreeing
in the middle of clarifying the result of a lifetime enquiry
from the sublime to the ridiculous
depending on your perspective
and/or point of reference
how do you process this stuff
when actively studying the effects of microwave technology
on the average bearsden inhabitant
toulouse lautrec and other famous posters
iphone ring tone and pen

Jimmy’s jiving

Outlines in grey
focus out of focus
almost see a light blond in the upper church arch
maybe someone’s kitchen time
time for milky chocolate
transitory philandering with promise of warm glow
switch on electric and bubble the boil
steaming stir and hey jimmy’s jiving
pillows peruvian mountains

Like the doberman saw raymo

Pause pausa lunga and plus a beat before teatime
not too fast now dear
but taking off with a lead like the doberman saw raymo
how to destabilise the already destabilised
pit piano to piano
pin yourself together
the upbeat before bedtime
deranged and voluptuous error
might as well be a good one yeah
trip over keys fast keys
intercity edinburgh to somewhere else
inter planetary not on my moon
hasselblad forensics
take five for the taste of neapolitan
the wunderkind of the lonely housewife
playing fur elise with adagio middle
bit off more than he could chew
no such thing as a free shirt huh
meanwhile the rented piano got sent back in disgrace
on the lonely planet guide to the nine o’clock news
key bed polished resold for ten spot to the highest bidder
now resident in a back room near you
hosting happy imaginary concertgebouws philharmonics and symphoniettas
and gathering wild life


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