the unknowable transforming point 351/ 355

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Safe from the hit

Cling film
safe from the hit
given away
set aside
interim interval
cause a stir
photographer takes camera swaps lens
or something dumb
never worked the same after

The anola time

sit quiet and I’ll begin
thrice upon a time there was a cerebral eternity
crushing in on icebergs of fixation
it proved itself immovable due to lack of piano
the only way to be
stick to the point
pin yourself together
like a drip on a stone mechanism
how to escape that narrative
ascending scaled chromatic
dim 7th and a few octaves after deep breathing
arms up and then to your side
not allowed to think about the necessity
to embellish embroider the few fragments
that appear to have survived the anola time
examined with scrutinous care
in every nano detail
so as to reveal a story
a line inside a line
everything but the truth
so for whatever reason
a default is a default
and try as I may
it seems to end up with bacchanaliac visions
akin to a gathering storm
need to breath
chink opens and closes
not always able to de or uncouple the imagination

Xdefinte inhibition indefinite loan co

Characterisations leaping fictionally here and there
visibly distorted and deforming simultaneously
pleading to be curated and framed
ficfucin a gallery room
a new room
the gallery
art xdefinte inhibition indefinite loan co
for those with a strong conscientious streak
across the sky
in clyde street for a change echoes under the bridge prizes for turnering a tune there extremely moving what was she called
again a new novel hits the kindle box
newly beaten stirred and concocted just for you
put it in the psycho drawer
and leave it to mould for a few years
hence the quick visit to kelvingrove
taking sounds samples
must do it again
fine and dandy summits and peaks
at the appointed time
wish I could remember it

Word mire

Think it’s 8.45
catch up in the minivan
rush for work
cello in car and rush
no lunch break
there till I was finished
take rehearsal
other tutor not turning up
evening getting longer
longer shadows hit the road
make for somewhere warm
cold pews in church
piano not in tune
alright on the night
virginals in pieces
alright for the performance
instead of getting into two way thinking arrangements
workshop postponed
till further into the word mire I go
till further is nowhere
write I must write
and wonder how everything is managing to stick together
beat beat floundering in more word mire

You have to watch you know

I get surprised by the face that perpetually changes it’s expression
passing by shards of inaccurate impressions
barometer says rain
the face of the barometer says knock knock
someone says
in voice
out breath into the air
someone thinks
in head
breath into inner ear
as two diametrical incantations
if only we could hear what someone else was thinking
closed shop back in 5
do I know what I am thinking
you know you have to watch you know
the one that got nicked from the piano


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