the unknowable transforming point 336/ 340

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

The thought of 4’33”

It was to be a fantasie night memorial for lilliana
played on a vintage bechstein newly tuned and voiced
choosing an s programme at random
and ordering a black cab she slammed the door
in wafer‘s giant laptop bound grey electrosmog
and tripped off downhill down street
to meet it at the corner of one street and another
as previously arranged
experts on period instruments were to listen rapt attentive
besotted with the light fingers and stately figurine
lindy as lilliana presented
her schubert and schumann irresistibly narrated
with only the most minor of stumbles at the skippy bits
as the thought of 4’33” arose and fell in her mind
nano distraction
yet temptingly abusive at such crucial concentration control point
and with her heart still pounding
and autographs being sought
from pianists large and small
young and old
she vanished into the dark edinburgh sky
cold november evening to catch a glance
at the skyward gloom of the castle and waverley station
wondering remembering and thinking again
about back forward
and beat the blondie clock heart of glass
played time and time again du temps en temps

I’m lindy

A pianist sits at a piano
little pianos pieces scribble and chime
and lindy decides to look in on her
I’m lindy # says lindy
gosh I didn’t know you were here # says the pianist
mm… I’m here and if you need a hand just call and ask
and whatever # says lindy
the pianist who shall not be named is by now somewhat curious
but feels obliged to see how the songs grows
two days later the pianist who shall not has a question
what’s your name # she
lindy karpestra # lindy
apart from minimalism
they went on to work on major oevres
in loops and bounds and wafer never knew a thing about
from the s concerts to the logic audio construction
life became bearable with again
meanwhile wafer waffling in miniscule jargon almighty
absorbed with the specifications of the cameras
he and all his friends and relations had or were about to have
trying out in detail every possible combination
with a view to exhibiting a socially acceptable knowledge
to clients or the photographed
rushing hither and thither to catch glimpses
click photo reality on front pages next front paged
publications and fanzines behind the scenes overtime
though how would the episode one develop into episode fifty three
cue sound logos library music encountering nebulous choices
time over puzzle over puzzle

Watch rebecca

Cold grey evening eats the day
as the good people of somewhere settle down
to their evening sulphite free and heated discussion
shoot the breeze watch rebecca or better still vertigo
whilst grazing on something they made earlier
or failing that close of a long day
whatever that meant to whosoever
mostly not a idyllic bearsden tango of the dream
forward and backward
commanding a certain pirastro from the cello
plucked not stirred by part of the trio
who played for silent silvers that year
a school bag old and re sewn container of many pieces
of b tango for b movies
and bits of slow schumann schubert and sellinger’s round
out of interest

Loss of importance

Smell of coal coal fog and coughing all winter
the buses trams at snails pace
which was ok
until it was time
passed the cross and over the river to get to you
destination music lessons with a friend of lilliana’s
it was all beethoven or nothing
fur elise not bagatelles
yes and furthermore she had to have it her way
sit like this low low in your seat
make finger marching and
upwards northern cliff face
down southwards into the keys
from the violin sonata parts to never a dull moment
not any time a nice duet or a surprise
to find another pianist with schumann two pianos
exhale then a concert of big stuff
two pianos entrancing
with one slinky strings
skinny wavey piano and another altogether composed
playing some brahms or whatever glowing reflection
maybe even a stravinsky
dance dance dance sway

Relatively pianoless

In the end it was all go
but in the muddle relatively piano less
just chords just parts
the outer limit for a challenge
it’s done
on the stairs now
and the landing fairy lights sparkle
less is more
piano manoeuvres in the dark and long learning
it’s the sizzling mind lack of sleep and lost importance feelings
spawning anger
deep in quantitive easing of the emotion
just pile on some charm and pay later
art school of glasgow ablaze according to r
don’t even want to look
how come
loss of importance in a way of thinking
loss of importance in a way of having to rethink
all miles lost in a predictive null and void
need sun and rain
warm rain to dull the electric brain pulsatilla for other problems


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