the unknowable transforming point 331/ 335

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

He came to meet us

And following every move she made
as smokey swirls ascended from her now fat hands
such cheerful smile sat there in the kitchen
tv blaring italian overdubs to films already seen
terrazzo floor cool evening air
no piano
no room except blank room in my head
passing time delay
the owl hooted on the balcony every night
gave some one a fright
it’s uncomforting presence on the balconette
some things are real
breath can’t breath so well in there
hot wind over the hills
insects everywhere
music of the day at ten at night
what about that cold drink up in the hills
over watching luciole
in someone else’s shoes
time time time up
have no memory of long train home
but he came to meet us at the boat and I knew he was lost
standing there under silence could feel the pain
too late the door bolted long since
how lacking in a home coming
retour le retour


I suppose there’s many experiential abrasion of this nature now
scowl in the garden in northern british city as we broke our journey
arrangements likely to have been discussed for the meltdown
out of hearing
whatever you do don’t tell veronica
spill beans spill
asks too many questions
episode one
book one
wants to know
the reason one why
reason two when where and all
don’t tell veronica vanessa victoria
in fact misremember her altogether
too inconvenient
chopin mazurka you’re not playing the right notes
I know you know

Under her fingers

Well lilliana surely would never have sanctioned such behaviour
from the lady at the ironing board
you can’t get servants these days dear
imagine imagine who’s left
from her bosendorfer futon
and mince and potato aroma
she soldiered relentlessly till the entire chopin was under her fingers
lightness of touch at every scherzo
and carefully unrushed rubato bravura
pennies on hands not
ruler across the fingers never
hand on mine yes feel the weight pressing down

Tin drum

To this day ww2 waged underground
in the aftermaths and shocks of those who survived holocausts
and save yourself
nazi’s and hooligans
but never on a piano
or on and on indeterminacy
and such developments 50/ 60
existential and tin drum
read read still can hardly connect it to my father
his strong recommendation
later it was to make sense
drummer beat drummer
beat the slut out of the whole simion physiognomy
eyes too close together
eyebrows low like apes

Under breath

Your music is a bit like that or like this
climb every mountain is not piano loops and prepared samples
ring modulator and maybe a touch of lilliana henderson
in her black chanel l’heure bleu sample from the agency
up on queens street
up round there after class on a friday
mr karpestra’s uncle’s cousin
does a trade in expensive designer
just perfect for the steinway
matching sheen and earing quintessential thrown in
unfortunately wafer was not too keen on this heirloom
which lindy loved
hey ho
middle class tut # wafer
where upon lindy retires to the huge armoire
and freshened upon herself the hint of raspberry chiffon
from a drawer full of silken accoutrements
after all la rose en vie and parisian glamour for tonight’s
don’t you tell me what I can wear # lindy under breath



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