the unknowable transforming point 326/ 330

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Ardbeg walk

Every day the same
boots and scarf
little knitted fanned out stitches pastel rainbow tie through
the dog
fluffy white walk red collar and biscuit brain
quivers and shivers
bright eye bounce to the drop of a gaze
wash the stair later when he’s asleep
the close
black door
no one listened to music in that house
perhaps the ardbeg walk park ice creams
chasing pianos dreams past the grand campsie views
home day after day
she was good to me
back in the jungle
write write songs into the night 2 am and counting
was ever deadlines vinyl vinyl
sky now hazy
sun shines on right window apart a bit
over whelming the interlocking connections
she sat in her white coat
wise wiser rays of sunshine

Last swifts

River traffic hiss
changed days from the quiet street we used to visit
down down street to her now empty house
open front door open
playing two pianos
pressing down her hand pressing down
shoulders heat heat energies
pressing down her hand on mine
playing two pianos
schubert fantasie slow sway
lindy plays it better every time
box set flair of colour from the campanula wall
return retour mile start here
she was right
two lights on the house over reflections
last swifts turn tail
discoveries entail gesange der fruhe 4
more schumann with cold hands
eventually gliding over the steinway happy hours
after mat exercising backwards turning
listen to rain on the sky light the day


Remembered to revisit my cousin
2nd I think
mario fantoni
in the beautiful apartment
in the centre of bologna
near the communale
such warmth and love
and smell of wine sweat
sweet great uncle deep in bed
gaetanino under the eves
quiet and pale
one hot journey
georgina hunched servile wife
sweet as a daisy
in a hot day coffee etc
all these done over long time since
the lady friend of my grandmother another time earlier
made beautiful fans as portinaia near there
right under the poritcos protected from the fierce sun
walk shade quiet street
sun high in sky
different sky north


Sometimes the lines follow lines effortlessly
calamine roses and carnations
reverence to the vertical lines on the page
margin south
punch holes north
book one
chapter one
stave one
bar one
page one
take one
tape one
seeing is believing
in one’s minds eye
mind’s eye
scene one
the kiss in the tunnel

Aromatherapy to a cloudless sky

Type the programme on some hand made paper
reference the music players and scene
captivating hands on the keys by candle light
she sits like a sphynx
aromatherapy to a cloudless sky
be over in the night to see you
these songs in little boxes
reel one
cd one
act one
line one
take one
zone one
and the heatless street empty bar
the yellow hedge on red brick wall
a study awaiting the studious children
fraught with ipad
and exclamation carnal eyes
eating a bag of nectarines



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