the unknowable transforming point 321/ 325

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Is it safe to breath now

Chinks of light begin to permeate
the dark depth of confinement
recycled to smithereens
happy rainbowesque light ray
outlining future miles away
is it safe to breathe now
am I unchained
unchaining from perpetually reperspectivised narratives
and self entrapping spins out of control
the chink as possibilities
manifesting sound silence sound
walk on by
space silence sanity
volcano needs inactivity
keep wording
keep talking
keep your mind on the driving
keep your hands on the piano keys shiny keys
ivories unglued pop off when you wish upon a star

As light fades

Swifts wisp past my window
car ignition after door slam
light evening turn to moderate blue and fade
birds far sounds
empty approaching van break gear switch
can’t park this properly
run and stop
getting over the peaceful door slam
lock click and walk away
indoor end of a long day
sky real grey now
gallus walk up the road
clack echo foot fall
demonstrable determination of gait fast fade
rook chack
little chack repeat repeat
pause repeat loop in fact
as light fades
streetlight eventually switches on
lighting over road shadow corner

From western sunset

At the cliff face of psychological head spin
rock face behind
worked my faltering way
round vertiginous glacier antartica mountain
was there one or was there two
twin the melting surface shine stone
reflect remind and misremember
the agonising incarceration
sun cloud reflect in next door over window pattern of light
dove and creamy pink from western sunset
upper right upper left behind grey wish wash clouds
and fade to a hot milk ende
beat beat soft intermezzo
coil off irrelevant word pattern out
there is a tomorrow
journeys down street passed her now empty house
back in the past in present
such an impressive day hardly focus flow and calm surface
how long before the machine rusts the ring cycle
end of a long story

Umbilical machine

Open a new fresh page now or never
the chink light sound fortuitous imagery analysis
the head turned inwards the little hands free forum
umbilical machine maintainanced
and breath the skeletal fish from the sea
over tumble toss from moving vehicle
other side of the mountain the crater edge looking
volcano extinction and repertoire chords
from prehistoric soliloquized conundrums
etching sound beams diaries

Phone phobic

Piano in the room
eventually it made me phone phobic
ring cold call alert no message
abuse call centre call
outer shell lives apart
karma keeper mean beat beat
but rationalise
balance restoring exercise
super circumvent daylight energy
parasites virulence
extravagance beat incapacity
visioning roadways
disguise articulation
with draw
I withdrew
with hold
she withheld
with held breath suffocation
withdraw breath ventilation
gestures uphold
lower hands onto the keys
count in own time space
no even beat breath
beat slow sway



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