the unknowable transforming point 311/ 315

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass


Evening promise tranquil liquid equilibrium forethought
forget the music
forget her
forget him
forget hysteria
forget rhyming
forget needs
forget the pain
forget myself
interaction lately to be congratulated
some peaceful days
some piano pedal
and listen to the sound of the pencil rushing across the page

Pressing down

Up the wrong alley way
you could have changed direction
but groping in the dark
you think with your ears
the tones
the strident commands
underhand innuendo
the struggles of power
do what I say
don’t hover over the keys
sink in hand pressing down
that dominance
she in the bright sun
behind her playing brahms
and skipping beats
who’s game is this
watching the while to see how graciously
one dealt with these delicately planted mines

Cracked actor

Mine’s a double
all waiting for the big round pay off
women in tandem whiskies to flick throat
word compliments of cracked actor
he sang holding court playing and giggling
lets play games champagne and different disguise
haircut close to the edge
by the corner dazzle sky
and peacocks amongst the empties
somewhere in the north of england
motorway dash
those were the days
100mp london to glasgow in 5 hours
night road empty lanes
and home in time to sleep it off

Things can dormify

Piano room empty for some time
due to distractions of life
travelling trying to rest from pressure
inner safe from the beat
beat when you least expect it
into the very back of mind
things can dormify
like a little twin being
resting and gathering energy
not flowing under lock and key
good earth fallowing
for the lack of travel doors untravelled
easy option to take what comes
dry times
unpalatable silence
play little tunes awaiting the next train
delays delays get off this track
and wait on the wrong track


Compromising debacle
shift shock
tiny screws and rubber things inside a tin for preparations
beat beat against the standing waves
so many times watch the little hands unturning on the keys
white keys
began to feel certain misremembrance
blank it out carefully read into little fast
blank canvas white stretched out in front
blank stare ugly pale penetrating
blank wall where is the colour freak out
blank question good question
blank look away look away
blank refusal unravel the knot
safer to leave it there
it speaks
it whines incessantly
it knows invisibly



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