the unknowable transforming point 306 / 310

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Painful womb

Pianists all over the world practising next implant
implant over pulses seemless
no one will ever know the pulses were fracturing cell breathing
it’s ok iphone on the key storm
insomnia key storm rant
not yet
mankind loop gaze inaudibility 11’06”
composer unknown
female north light
sat at the piano
painful womb and cigarette
still silent white no ashtray
key shift
grey in the room window air
stale with finger certainty
unglued ivories sweat head
led a sheltered life when all 11′ 06” said and undone
relativity ficfuc

2 out of 10

Need permission to touch the keyboard
such and such thinking to play the adieux slow movement
head past the cross over
up the gain compressor in out bus
and on my way home after not knowing why
evening sky reared to remembrance
and why am I back there
want to be here with my chink
the hair that imperceptibly moves with airlessness over the eyes
hides the medication in my piano
score doctor 2 out of 10 less 11’06” inaudibility
tides turn tables turn

Double aspect

To the street outside a car sails
sash window bay window
elegant chaise long red worn out
velvet bald patches
jump to the keyboard
enough brahms already
how about some
oh no not again
elegant view of the roof tops
from the piano room double aspect
quiet bosendorfer play a first movement
teacher staring at the wall past longer corridors
new build better sound proofing all over
no sounds
students all early friday nighter you know

Post viral

need to re enter that position at several costs
how in the light room
antiviral post viral chernobyl
and evening 2 hours practise
putting the notes away desperation mitigation
composer of 11′ 06” look out
looking out window to the left
pick up the pieces still not radio frequency
yet swift squealing grey sky
threatening to follow a shadow or three
reflection of my fingers on the paper
as the pen hit the surface
surfacing a book
read books
inner book
outer swift fly past
in group of five
always open sound pitch
landscape writing longer line
go along line
I think the piano already transcribing
pan opticon 11′ 06” inaudible
when resonating frequencies interrupted by a jamming device

Rewind and revert

Redistribution typing earlier word storm
came across the usual mistakes
rewind and revert
just as wondering becomes meaningful
only when it coincides with a searching
generally speaking
into the grey sky this looks like rain
down down the historic path
regress into boulevards of reconstruction inksmell
and for never
need to look ahead
norwegian wood once met a girl etc
so unbelievably impossible listening to these songs from ancient times
the smell of them causes emotional suffocating
feeling of being in extremely confined space
there’s resonance
keep the sweelinck open on the piano



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