the unknowable transforming point 301/ 305

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Disappearing schumann

Brain scoring scorch ideas
of the schumann resonance naturaliser
what does it say
excuse me
don’t remember giving permission to be this bombarded
research into unbombarding gadget
like anti venom
anti allergy not
can’t fix electro sensitivty with steroids
carry at all times against bee stings
bees disappearing
schumann bees
screws between the strings buzz sirens
fuzz resonate
five 33 inaudible
if piece five 33
inaudibility in the inner chamber cells hiss
wired as wireless saturation back stand
head symptoms
stand alone
sit at the piano gaze
stare simulation screen screen scan
shot of adrenalin
play it
I thought I could
restore silence restoration
this inaudibility
restore calm
phone germany

Back off

Open eyelash beep beep the car outside
soft pedal gratuitous crescendo
open up the power loud pedal
slow movement schumann concerto dear
alive and serene exhaling the air
back off forward past the chink

In the head

Arrive at kelvingrove
man playing harpsichord chaconne
festival light and shade and undigital calm
now it’s all go
infrequent concentration
clenched fist on keys
pedal held down
leave to vibrate pain piano
piano in the head

Lindy appeared

Red hawthorn
should have chilled on the coffee
sparking nerves hand shake
got to get through the gloom setting
foot pedal cover keeps slip slipping
when it came the to the beethoven
the giuccardi
lindy appeared

Noise pollutions

Announce the programme at the top of one’s voice
sit play sit play under the piano
five 33 or better still eleven’ 6”
inaudibility trills eleven’6”
the demon drone not to be sued
at hermetically ceilinged blood and artificial respiration
no hand on keys and sharp intake of breath
oxygenating plant drone pulse
at interconnecting dying disappearing vibrations
then take foot off the pedal with renewed abandonment
start the second movement backwards
retrograde eleven’ 6” inaudible with more expression
explanations destable detachment
fluorescence cordlessness and noise pollutions



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