the unknowable transforming point 296/ 300

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Azaleas and foreign objects

That station we arrive at in 1968
hot bologna
afternoon abandonment
must have been september
hot coffee smell
there we were
two week boredom and no piano
just get the hell out from time to time
what a waste
there precious keyboards from earliest times
a museum now
keep cool and do some cooking
similar azaleas and foreign objects
out of my mind with boredom
why return to scene of crime
mind crime
would we be going back
mysterious plans over head
no consulting consenting ficfuc

Sink sink

Wished I was dead
intermittently pat full stops anywhere
misunderstand misericord
tunnel vision
plate push
tectonic push panic versions of nightmares
rip root underneath
we go under
keep head above three day journey
landing not soft
landings alien deep bonsai
deeper trembling under rage
building vesuvial entrenched perspectives
sink sink into the keys
push my hands down
what for this intervention
on the contrary light pulse touch minimal shift
the heavy handed unpoise
the heavy weight bonded myopia must
unbond complexity
everything has possibilities
the sea of writing landscapes
wordlessness of the inaudible tide
the need to provide words to describe
the not to be spoken of condition
the lights are now room next door over
3 three light 4 minutes

Sleeplessness and

Fast forward sleeplessness and antediluvian concerns
to the storms unheard
the central
the squealing fissirostrals
grey back wash sky after black symphony
songs gesang der fruhe no 4 p 412
c schumann edition happening
new playing in the room
lost my ring under the piano
lindy schumann discuss
ensign florid banerette
sound proof play
warm up
breath deep
faces appear and disappear
more blue sky
frost on the wind shield under the chin
peak off
made a brief appearance
seemed to turn on its’ axis
finissy english country
turntables turntables night life
mestreamed and plagiarised joyce at the time

Sit there and

It seems all go
the smothering of schumann resonance by digitized pulse
the nano unmetronomised frequency sorties set to music
perhaps sit there and inaudible five 33”
5.33” inaudibility
scoring out the two days
not pen pencil miling
like two days piano challenged
stiff words cranking
words cruising
words crashing
words crenilating
words chinking
words to go on paper comatose

Face at the door

Ivory box and hedge ebony felt glue
dream piano in ante room glide
with ten white horses
the pianos gone
the third safe place this time
first piano traded and transported
untimed to the piano grave yard
and 2nd piano return to shop
resold to a flight attendant
4th piano me
play silky
5th piano me too
face at the door looking out to check
the list of interruptions slow pinch



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