the unknowable transforming point 291/ 295

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Sleep it off

Journeys home journeys to somewhere
like berlin
was there in the seventies
clubs night clubbing
push me
better sleep it off in the double locked room
what to do all day

The tin drum

Wait wait in g minor actually does not need a key
not now
the way things are with logic
invent a pattern key notes
what have you
get lindy anonymously chasing pages
retrograde and drumming mix
call it waiting in berlin
trying to buy some pencils on the kurfurstendam
and getting propositioned by a weirdo
what else
a clinger very insistent
and the tin drum years ago
my father gave me
the tin drum
it lay unopened till long after he died
you’ve got to read this #
that was 1970
read it 3013 just part of another surreal cycle
vast stones of war
wished meant to read it
glad to read
said so much about him they in war
lawlessness was all he said


lawlessness of the keyboard
questioning boundaries
peril malaria peritonitis
lawlessness shell shock
new sleeping bag made of fabric
protection against microwave binary frequencies
didn’t need that then
now remember greenham
experiments with radio microwavery on the women
that is how they have the point of reference for ehs
that’s it
general public no such thing
new war quiet war not cold
cyber can zap you in your bed
or underlying your piano
no catch
think of surveillance
too unthinkable
microwave satellites
transmitting binary frequencies
this inaudible tide

Fish sonata

She looked and said
your’e really deluded
delude and fugue
prelude and fugue
postlude and fugue
can’t prelude and fugue
after ficuf silence resumed at four thirty three of the mumbo jumbo
smoky campfire
salty fish
disgusting fiercely cooked crustaceans
sadistic crunch legs and pieces of pincers
fish sonata untuned deterrent for the press
sit listen to ravels bolero as the sun sinks
loop under the horizon
turning majestic gaze
undoing the photo imagery
image rainbows and mystical stones
swish of elephant grass and crazed traffic
single track to the beach
long time since unbound
a kind of freedom find yourself on new terrain
the psychological terrain of whip lash life lash
unleashing new stops and starts
perspective obsequifying reversal of roles


She who lets cast the first out of control stone
roll it across the piano bass strings
while the mood still close miked
or would you rather have a drink
a virginia and tone cluster please
skewered lindy
after performing some gorgeously balanced tenths left handedly
while raising her eyes north smiling with hair extensions
expensive shoes foot gloved
salted william byrd in the bush
worth all that was worth
terrifying messiaen quartet for the end of
once supposedly in a room
mixed in a landscape
top of the field little cottage to the right
see sun through far left window and scrape
silence off the programme
needs a little schneller
she called
it must be nearly time for the eve of destruction
and someone let the cake out in the rain
sounds like beat box
beat beat beat gamelan sound
surround that conclusion
conclusive inconclusive



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