the unknowable transforming point 286/ 290

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Tango du reve

That which seemed so semitones exotic
now seem rather drag on
drag on
the talking about certain political aspects
of art culture and motivations
a fashion always mistaken for a certainty
maybe not
alert alert tango du reve
the simplicity formula feel
sheet music mantra
pink keys a piano does not have
down in the underground find someone new
wonder wandering with a bundle freshly squeezed manuscripts
in his alarm clock shaped rucksack
printed with profession
butter wouldn’t melt
to the personification of a tuning fork

We want medication

Sit sit
lets rock for the left hand alone
long arpeggaic gestures underlying fluffy tone
how cumbersome such arrangements
evict the occupant of that piano stool
wound up as high as it will go
we want medication
soothe the nightmare storms brain and confusion
no landscape
just slow time and three
wellbeing tune time
it’s an outrage
even the hundred years of art
product of such arrogance extravagance
yet pulling down of the old edifice
whether or not the instrument can take it


Take a chance
chance operation
chance meeting
chance of game
you think about the hermit in the mountains
cold freezing and sound soft
the wild peaceful moment then
when out in the cold
birds talking to each other

Tank piano

Messiaen piano chords
tank piano
dead donkeys andalou again
sharp incision
when out in the cold wide world it was all go
slavishly misdirected
even courage
to sing next songs
seven words written
silent programme
for the sophisticated and spoilt tribe

Hand on mine

This life
this frankenstein
this radio
this edge
this someone looks into the music room window
flashes the tickets
a quick nod response
carry on please
the mozart adagio
wide open space
soundling prize
open chink
bach partita in b flat 2nd movement
sing same sing
sound fresh flowers
hand on mine
push down into the keys
to touch or not to touch



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