the unknowable transforming point 281/ 285

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Different journeys

In the alps
pressure changes
nose bleeds and claustrophobia
different journeys
hundreds of miles of words inside your head
sleep sleep why
probably given medication to keep quiet
preventative against travel sickness
at least that’s what I think today
in those days that’s what you did
trust the medic
the system

This isness

Autographed nothing none of your business
it hoaxes of the melodramatic walk
or give peace already
leave me in peace
piano peace
ordered and in tune
and detune which way
chromatically up zone
such elegance
challenge to common sense
sit five minutes massage
and on with double thirds
inundate writing on the wall castration
theorising permits
and alternatively obfuscate this isness
of whatever biographical baloney thesis
acrobats care to invent
with parameters and guidelines
hydrogenated self righteous upshot river
up stream
up on
up elevator overestimation

Desiccated air storms

Now as I read it all seems suffocating
dry uncaged what
he can talk
she can talk
publish dry dessicated air storms
analytic fermented fronds

The screws in the piano

Chink chink the screws in the piano
sizzle per metre bounce vibrate
and freak harmonics rip the standing waves
hold down keys silently
and hammer notes zing
ears get tangoed
careful demons in the twang
when someone was illustrated colourfully
in a casually presented format
present me present with curatorial nice

Das abends

A bend in the lane das abends
such happy ever after schumann cadences
hardly new then
sit up walk out of the room and smoke a cigarette
out of earshot
just playing scale
morose scowl trying tribulations quarantine
the imaginable positivity
or maybe there was nothing then
I want to remember
I want to forget
I want to get better
I want to survive
I want to be peaceful
I want to fictionalise
I want to fly forward
fly fin forward filigree



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