the unknowable transforming point 276/ 280

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Diving the day

Trying to sleep
diving the day
chances would be a finer thing
these threads
even the radio
and all it’s chopin
rarely compete with life
lively events and currents
it’s all go
and give someone inch
and miling
and and I like
and today
and it’s all scherzo
the one I used to play b flat minor
nice way to pass alice
in wonder sounds
like a steinway modern pianist


This way round for a change
longer lines and differing musical sentence
not on the trail of concave friday night you know
sit at the same desk
write into introspection out of stereotype
could write a mesostic
if I took time forgetting
and the correct title
once with cutups
from dante’s inferno
a translation
managed to beat a path
but thereafter
felt towards imagining

Tick of the clock

Better write the flow feel
myself dragooned and conundrummed
otherwise interesting juxtaposition
overpopulation and art
john cage
more of the above
dante mesostic
deconstructed and shredded
at appropriate tick of the clock
leave no trace
sometime in the future mile
find me in those canvas dreams

Feel the microwaves

Piano part ring modulator
singing and waving
ultra sound
ultrasonic wave
ultra bright
ultra vision
ultra control specifically rung
the rungs of a ladder
cone crystals and mantras
2 piano stockhausen
repeat painting throw at canvas
but where are we now pretensions
and bite the bullet
down the cycle path
feel the microwaves
bouncing round your brain
backwards breathing survive the tide
slow eye palming

motion up

In the room
clara schumann piano trio
old friends
funny little piano
easy to read
the score distance
needed alert alert
things change
motion up



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