the unknowable transforming point 266/ 270

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

It’s ok baby

Used to borrow music from the library
and endlessly read thru
but things change shift like tectonic plates
and the world service 24/7
becomes the companion of one’s two’s three’s
dream and mostly nightmares these days
put two and three together
full moon insomnia energy
car door slammed shut
small plane disappeared
decrescendo north wind
type all morning sagas and bitterly cold shade
collect and recollect
catastrophically out of context
assumptions of the circular completion
it’s ok baby
the plane landed
and asphyxially anxious to get to my real destination

Time does not pass

Sat memorising l’isle joyeux
in an italian taxi such as it was
dark wood panel lined room
cool elegant senior italian pianists
pleased with performance
must have resonated
had not touched keys for 2 months
that young agility
time does not pass
it only follows the glide

Down town down street

Eyeless in gazing at the moon the early evening
roar of strange accelerating traffic
cinematic mumbles and youth chatters slam giggle
fast padding down town down street
paving the way for the mental spill
awake all or nothing night worrying
about the artwork creasing the day down tiny folds
expressionistic ovaries humterrupted
by awakening voluptuous visions
and metronome tick tick away at different tempos
and make installation musics faster than silence
little plane return journeying
whining the blue sky descending harmonic trail
manifestation of colour cadenza
clouds and blue sky chirping hot warm exhaustion
from energy pulling away from the strong taurus moon

Quilt time

Sweelinck and schumann fantasy 3rd
today phone ring ripening
can see through your window to the shadow on the wall
lit by sun and reflection of lampshade
looks grey again
palest of green background
skylight slightly open angle of 50 degrees
transatlantic aircraft trailing off
like high rush from brushed palm hand inside the piano
now resonance of more than one giant bird across the sky
the airport of manyana
the bombardment of light
the synaptic cleft
quilt ovaries quilt time
quilted remembrancing
now reflection striped by blind slats in slate
curious sheen dazzling tower window
can’t see anymore as the position shifts
and swifts streak across the sky again
till grey clouds beautiful lines bach capriccio
or rock rock steady sway dance
list to the right

The blondine

The blondine meaningful squealing swifts
petrach sonnet listzian stratification
line accompaniment bells
window to the right shine cream yellow
mauve clouds expectation of phase change ephemeris
think about the chink
it’s a relative brain wave
it’s a relative day
it’s a well what do you know
the change embryo
to a major in schumann fantasie 3
think about think about destinations
when I think about where it all began
circular movement of what
rotate and collate soft pedal
debate translate
see into the composers language
may I see into your language
may I reject the darkness
may I suggest ferlinghetti



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