the unknowable transforming point 256/ 260

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

The cat from somewhere else

Now a little davidsbundler for lunch
and silence for several hours
all post hurly burly again
race with the upflow
sink with the rest
to fit oxygenating tension in the airs
how come the metronome felt
as if it was beating someone else’s time
best time
absolute zero again
trying to remember
erase whatever became obsolete
but resonated with persistence
while the motionless clear sky
underpinning the unguarded wolf
slanty eyes by the way
generations genetically identical
even the cat from somewhere else bit and scratched today

Summer central

Bluebells scented sky show down the hills
bees shading
run and fly off keys
changing mood and double pedal eternal practise
documenting notes for no one to play
necessarily stabilising mood print
abscond to the other inside
and line up the spine the right way
fortunately dumb numb nowhere woman
is it something she said
the tone too tinny
like the inside piano plucking
or brush along the bass strings pedal on leave to ring vibrate
up the close with it
cream paint burgundy gloss
iron wrought hand rail and scent of summer central
powder blossom sneeze and itch
and and and

All you do is

What little drumlins
were they really volcanos
hill street and such so forth
the lawyer lived somewhere in that direction
may have been bath street
great hysteria to get her there
why bother
but determination foamed from hiss her steam ire
stalk still she stood like an insignificance
I can’t go in there
had to go with brown dress and pink shoes
I suppose she must have got home somehow on a bus
while rosin bow
or did she meet daylight to a fog of cigarette
sit the long window face with someone else
look square onto the back of them
it’s easy
all you do is pretend
let’s pretend

The inaudible tide

It’s a new piece of music
from the allegorical sprinter
wanted to do this obstacular identification with the inaudible tide
might as well work with tiny volcano retrogrades
this way and then back
lots of flow
tide takes ages to come in the bay of the round the bay
how come
goes round instead of in

Friday morning

The turquoise coat
with fur trim and a pair of very expensive shoes
maybe she could call on someone from her past
and a little coffee
first can be foremost
and all arrived at the same point
friday morning at something o’clock
when the day begins



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