the unknowable transforming point 251/ 255

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Spin unturn

Take advantage of nuclear nano
become another narrative
in the meantime an enlightenment streaks across the sky
little shop in trim street
nervous logic
if you turn into the node turn the other way
train yourself to do the other
inside inside images
far circumstance science fiction on push forcefield
turn the other way before you go into standing between two powerful led light
spin try widdershins and see
unliving under energy saving bulb
spin unturn
deturn anti turnwise
anti turn wise
spin the node back to itself
making an unstep deturn
unstep unturn

The tyranny of silence

The tyranny of silence unscream
unsilence the piano
unturn deturn your spin
unscendant unflouresce
under unwind the ferocity
been undergoing unattended electronics of our mind
need attention
circuits under microfire
invasion electrofire counter dance
relearn reconstruct circulatory electronics by backward breathing
unwish my dreaming head
unzap myself turn to the left
unguarded unspin
get it before it gets you
there must be a way
to alternatively run for cover
people live in caves you know

The taurus full moon

Circumstances alter cases quick journey not
I remember the black cat home with the taurus full moon staring downstairs on us
a terror inside tight womb freaking smoke filled journey car intense

In our dreams we are irradiated

Stationery sphynx
swallow diving in blue sky pale yellow moon to the right
red brick house apercu
voltage pale luminous disk marbly pattern
radiation irradiated coin
flick of the ficfuc lunation cycle
love the pellucid licht iridescence
bird squall and on about the time when no none would ever have thought
we would be being microwaved low levelled
in our dreams we are irradiated
in small dozes incremental mental long wave fm medium
but it can’t happen here
diversion divert the electronic traffic in circuitry
and anti-clockwise turn

Hot milk no cookies

Full moon further to the right over sky
glowing now
sky darker dusky denim blue
hot milk no cookies
new book to read
turn anti clockwise whenever touch wood
touch wood meant something
means it all means something
this volcano diary
piano layers
stretching the out breath
the next time I thought about who was not in the piano room
I had to look twice think twice
second thought
systematic ficfuc
full moon of sun and mistakes
incidents and accidental overflows
flotillas of nebulous defenses



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