the unknowable transforming point 246/250

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Zip zap

Only returning now
thirty three and counting not a joke
or I in this silence
the rest is
run fast rain through the electro rain
smog descending soup zips zaps
catches your circuits
short minute blips in the spin short zip zap

The frankenstein meaning of it all

The mast points into the kitchen
she stands at the range
hissy gas feel weird
sense ronika panic
what’s wrong with me
quick panic
zip zapped nanosecond
hang on
some zaps bigger than others
on the zap scale of walking into nodes
never hearing seeing invisibility
inaudibility of the electro tide
surge in out
cross currents
spikes on the meter waiting for the next zap
missing the point
and penetration of the frankenstein meaning of it all
mary shelley
blue skies and balancing act
on the edge of a microwave impossibility
microwave shadow measure?

Over the limit

An ap to measure your microwave shadow
microliser ap ap ap
activate your microwave shadow
seeping microliser
I’m afraid you’re over the limit
unreliable participation

Her tone window

She was over and making a dash for the cave
when listz waldeschrausen
fell sonorously through her tone window
simultaneously rewinding seratonin
and back in the dun room
between two pianos and puzzle
at least we were safe then
lindy under the wood web and sound board
sensing sonorous doodles and piano squalls
entering and fingers of liberated energy

Take a ride

Dream like window shopping in favourite places
take a ride
looked out of these eyes
and dropped me off at the cross
motivations of those around us
buried deep all those years



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