the unknowable transforming point 241/ 245

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

The unpalatable conclusion

I woke from a mental crisis
and couldn’t go back to square one
years of snakes and ladders
helps to draw the unpalatable conclusion
that the seeds of said were sown
sometime and some
in the past inoperations
inoperable crazy yellow sky
at the pink dusk set to safe mode
please let’s talk about the significance of the various needs people may have
to deny certain apparent certainties
just the freedom to disagree
status quo and stereotypical propaganda etc etc
what of it
what not of it

Disprove it

Someone said that no men went stood ficfuc on the moon
landings a set up
photos are evidence
cameras not up to radiation
and the module and whatever
well prove it disprove it
would u.s. have been so bold cold war etc
who wouldn’t congratulate that pull off

The art of

Radiation sizzle
think sideways
the art of
the very one

Ahead suddenly

Once upon various tides of emotion
there ran the layers of microwaves
also colliding with cycles within cycles
and running ahead ahead
suddenly ahead of ourselves in awareness
turn turn away from the hit
arc of the bay
sub silence of waves
weaving nearer between stones
weeds and withering end stuff
there just there a happy cat catching the breeze

Zip it

Reflections and lens
the carotid and pulse was faster
holding the meter measure emfs
as we go terrific spikes of spire and trackers
and establishments of learning including schools
where little ones were being sifted
super sifted to be happening
what’s seems to be happening
future fire invisible bounce and nodes
collisions electric interrupting brain paths
if you drive past present fast forward it swifts
and if you’re standing it swallows you
one big spin gulp
easy to think there’s something more serious
the sinister never resonates till it’s absolute curtains
pin yourself together
why would this not be real
think of greenham women experiments with radiation
compliments of the u.s.a
that’s how we know about the effects
zip it



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