the unknowable transforming point 236/ 240

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Skinny nib

Doubt sponge
tiniest write with skinny nib qv
gamma gull gallon
nothing person ten bow cw
tick cross double bar line of the page 279
ink fading writing in natural light flick fast page
turn turn every word marked still
cross pen pencil
single line cross
kisses not the same as impregnation
p 433 retiform

The letter s

Scream screech crack creak shriek quip qv
eventually people ignore you
peruse in the hope of
like the letter s
slur spar spear swim swamp swill swallow
fainting kissy crosses 1 X111
unite words of decision
looking for something
p569 no more markings
enter supplementary glossary
or obsolete and rare words
and meanings in Milton’s poetical works
opacus followed by prefixes and suffixes
lights in the downstairs left window time
suffixes marking reappearance
dashes no kisses
ixion underlined in select list of mythological and classical names
edinburgh 1890
closed red curtain and tireless

Super leggiero

Piano diaries and the bach busoni chaconne
and some sweelinck
run on the hills
and wild garlic flowering
sun shining cloud whitish grey
and thought I was suffering
it’s only just begun
everything can feel far away
and varying points the further away the better
but perspectives change
view in zoom in zoom out
indifferently causing super leggiero crash pad parallels


Answer the phone
whistle bird
car door slammed
closed voices in the street
seriously packing car
driving off in the blue hazy sky


Formatted expectation formula
sense of reality
desertification never in my mind’s eye
towers falling
sometime in spring
time and last more



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