the unknowable transforming point 231/235

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Inside my inside

She’s sitting waiting
more waiting looking at the grey dun walls
padded asbestos sound proofed door
with her hands on her knee
waiting for the sounds to come
the seeing maker marker move next
in the mindhills refraction
load camera battery charger inside
this picture vermeer of the lady at the keyboard
not so serene already
canopus in argos and ufo’s
that unique swarm of radar
swarm swarm off if off
up and over wolf at the throat
then tears then eye palming
wolf at the throat
wolf at the throat
wolf at the throat
wolf in hiding inside my inside spaces shifting
gives way sway

Slow sway with the melody

Fingers over the keys
quiet sarabandes
practise in my mind
b minor french sweet suite
how about the playing of these ornamental mordents
slow sway with the melody
rather not snap at the silence
so into sleepless confrontation with night
wolf at the throat volcano
lava weeps over gaseous shimmering
descending slow pathological down
down hill
down street
down down seeping down
the warm hits the cold
hiss steam hiss
wolf skin
wolf at the throat
scars to prove it

Need some air

Sleep outside on a the friday night you know
call the manager
the eyeless stewardess
need oxygen
need some air
sit alone with bad wolf at the throat
milk of human kindness allargando
time to ditch the party tricks and worm completes
that’s better in the mind spaces
head on hand stare at the fourposter windows
persistence of memory
canary yellow on beige
takes me to the car suddenly

Talks and laugh gazing

Grey blue skies fill with swallows speeding fast past the rooftops
that’s what
it meant soft whistles and waking
drive past screaming flypast
drive past
sky gone greyer now
into a weight of impending rain
up in the hills green shoots
and uprooted trunks from recent wild weather
talks and laugh gazing out of tiny painted window
over looking the bluebell


And so the day dictionary etymological ancient and brown
m.i.williams penned inked
needs replacing with one less fall apart if you pick it
up every word marked with tiny crosses
but some bigger on a miniscule commentary
from word pencilled vertically …
arrows as opp to lilliputian
clay clog clew
globe cleave cleft
inkspill and fact fan
word marked off with //
double bar line metric discharge
creek crick cruise crevasse curry
curse cross
n.b the negative and intensive use of the triple lines
daze doze dizzy
fond of the letter d were we
fault fatter finger fang fimbriate fibre



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