the unknowable transforming point 226/230

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Presenting a peculiarly disordered interpretation

Days fast days
in which we leave or understand the pain that touches us
you can dodge the currents if your all go on the occipital ridge
the skull where the neck begins
interludes and postludes
little moods and voices
always back to schumann in the end
not on your mobile phone
laconically presenting a peculiarly disordered interpretation of fast skips
and easier to play it the other way round
rewriting the spread of finger
upset the shutter speed
and all the qualities of cut ups
and with the following right hand passage
she still sitting still at the piano bluthner upright
watching the handsome playing some jazz running passages etc
now on the black keys easy
and now she’s destroying the doll
in the boredom cumulus said anxiety tecton

Smoking drinking

London was next and all the house of rock
and less than more than silence
gynaecological mess if you ask me
leave it out
sit on the stairs on a sunday
smoking drinking bored boredom
head in the piano room safe safe place
words full bodied
indubitably endorsing several requests at a time
and slog at songs and words
and try to look as if you’re behaving
occasional use of the dictionary
while passing the library open all hours
not long

And koto music

A good time banbury cross
to see a white lady
enough already white horse occipital
the storm and big lightening mooned the shadow of the piano red stool
smothered quiet apartment
picture heroes jimmy jiving playing
I could have danced all night
and koto music
tiny wee piano
rented sad zimmerman
or vector file
and hunt the thimble cushions on the floor
crash read a book
smoke menthol cigarettes
more waiting for the others
time time untold
up for the underground rendezvous
with skinny apparitions

We’re wired

It’s friday night meeting frankenstein
up the great western road
agony and ecstasy beluga weeping
was at the movie a weepy memorable weep
what the hell was the movie
back in daylight
gangs in the street ready for action
quick escape jc
and rush this way chief
and home for five
no chance of a quick performance of the 273 absolute zero
who’s she kidding
to zoe or not to zoe
sand and serota glands excisions and painful reminders
alone in that piano under strut
and fancy pylons mobile phone masts
make fast appearance
and smack we’re wired pulse wired and bombarded

The wolf at my throat

Up in the night counting sarabandes
cold water meditation nightmares
ballardian scenarios templates defaults
risks that we take riding fast
hand pinch ficfuc bergman in the volcano
and felt my volcano today
from the tiny thought light bulbing up to the wolf at my throat
or was it the doberman
sci-fi pensive bp over and under the vizor
and into the night
hurry hurry the red dark night mind
super lunar dark bitch whining dripping fang
azimovian meet me running backwards
last ovum lost after said and done ficfucs



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