the unknowable transforming point 221/225

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Quiet as a candle

Grey grey skies soundless street
and feels like friday
apparently so
to switch on the light over the road left window
you light your way
days imminent decision
books in various piles in corner shelves and shining spines
forget the music
the splendid ornamental cello rested on it’s spikes
quiet as a candle
less flicker more legato please
pizzicato rainbow last shilling turned to dust


Once we went to edinburgh
been many times since
long ancestral trail
and ed rushca
as in ed in burgh poster
last time I did not see her
she was in hospital
I saw her year before
was guilty just the same
long trek home
then she was gone

Drinking tea

Crocosmia and now the edge
keep away from the edge
terma 2 two pianos
germanica tectonic
in psycho retrograde
pill push plank and unmatched piano
let’s play rachmaninov to cheer ourselves up
after the big long lunch expense account bravado
why meet up before the formal introduction
waste the hours away drinking tea till rushed rehearsals
spaventous ice cold day when helicopter crashed
all on very full moon november night with power cut
and piano students stranded
no clementi or chocolat lanvin or sound card

I could hardly speak

Down down the upturned life
the close volcano offal
face the music tight throat dedication
the emotion
the uncommunicable intensity
piano binge feel curled under the microwave
cold grey wind introversion
rain soft wish for a simple answering
I could hardly speak
fortunately the spikes spoke speak splatter
ficfuc off the clock at four thinly three
probably had to run to catch the train
pain in my ovary left side
did I just go there and back stay over sleep over
and ask enough just to get booted foot in the door
the piano teacher true story by the age of twenty one

Sound lid sound

I was le retour
the omnibus wild nights and travelling south
swish of sound lid sound and you see him
the breath will bring more energy
in out before you start warm ups
we need to grab the soothing breeze
the watered down existence expressionless becomes explicit



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