the unknowable transforming point 216/ 220

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass


Limousine outside to take us to concert
art school
ancestral kinematic and spheres
lodge and hop into a restaurant
but someone must have had a timetable for all of this
it just doesn’t happen by itself
jump on a plane
gig concert or something
eat upstairs with lots of laughs
and just stood there most of the time
inanimated by rewrites
it all becomes an investigation eclpitical


Inner key beats
I need to break out
debris everywhere
nuclear fall out

In the gist of sphere

Caved in about the time of english country tunes
and boulez
got hold of it
blast in the gist of sphere
piano plunge and such
someone at least got out of that room
the lake and the piano day dreaming
is it still there
or did they exhume
how to exhume a piano
pathological in submerged sounding
subliminal liminal
of so much deconstruction
more like organic sub sounds
in alternative dimension
more decomposings and composition
of decompositional random
indeterminate pellucid lucrezian water lilly
algae ungestures
fronds and pallesters
maybe the piano was faked
unwish my dreaming

Crocodile hand bag’s open mouth

Oh not so fancy
descending scale
and look of indignance
at the crocodile hand bag’s open mouth
precariously yet visible perched on
the other side of the window sill
spill coffee over lemon cashmere
oh ho not again

Prove it

Speed boat rushes to the centre of the lake
only to find fake piano shattered on impact
releasing copious shards of papier mache
hundreds and thousands
sodden and pastry cake
turning the lake into environmental man made global warming
and slick emerges
a plane arrives
spray detergent disperses refuse
before wild life catastrophe contaminants
the edible woman again
sticky search lights dawn
hydrogenated vegetable oil
and monologues
otherwise someone would have sampled the sound
after travelling prove it
through twenty four feet of snow
you’ve got to watch you know



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