the unknowable transforming point 206/ 210

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Underneath the piano

In amongst the old vinyl and book of shrigley
got the feeling there was some kind of alternative
to the underneath the piano scene
you just need to touch the mood
and the echolalia
repeat quest from and to the long alps
ascend and descent
how come we got off the train
or were we driving insanity
up the mountains
hysterical passenger
need some air
brandy please
big reversal
or lack of order

Roses not pruned

Tip about turn and carry your own cigarettes
smoke filled room wobble and eat
clinky sugar bowl fuss
and rhythm fast past the somme
and queazy boat trips
waves like you could curl under and die crawling
and land on someone watching for me
but he was not there
sorry it was over even before I knew
his eyes told flight and traction
another 800 miles
lost this to the balance of feelings
and roses not pruned
except a guideline


My map fold unfolding began to tear
I tore everything up in my head
there was so much unresolution
pit insulations against the freeze
build a little room
shielded against the microwaves
no microwaves in my bechstein
lying underneath you can hear little sounds
if you just touch the pedal
looking up web criss cross wood
holding all in metal frame
and dusty spiders web web web
playing some bach transcriptions

In a cold early summer

In the day sun shining
in a cold early summer
lilac and red hawthorn
smell good lilly of the valley
even better
not to mention white forget me nots I found
blue to white
blanc et noir
telephone wire wobbles as the breezes dances with it
or invisible someone walking it
in dense grey of eve
love bird singing in the distance

The art of the past

I could always imagine getting nowhere slowly
galas to throat voice
to voice nowhere man
getting villamanta and peripheral breathing
to sing about the inner inside spam
give me some calm hands on piano keys
fingering through sheets
at the top of my voices
handling alterations in pitch
without a moments shift off
bad behaviour this cutting and pasting
deconstructivating the art of the past
paste it on newly minted fractal insanity within
then cut it up again
and reconstruct inside a minute sixty secs
or else you can go without
what exactly
did they not think
they were



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