the unknowable transforming point 201/ 205

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

The cellist

Someone waiting at the front bevel of glass
and smoking
leisurely fall of ash on the sodden pavement
for god’s sake
stand straight and forget the music
go back to the flat and play dylan
or electronica
tick metronome and big dummies showroom
across the lane
selling photographic equipment
manfrotto ladyfrotto
tripod schmipod
rush to the corner shop for some spices
make a wee curry for the cellist coming by
for offers and messiaen

Stay in lane

Plug it
drive away and stay in lane
till the tunnel under the clyde
near the rock phoning someone on the way
back all go in the music stand
wash all the cups and set maggie’s farm
oh I don’t wanna whatever it was
can you tell a green field
lunatics are on the grass
car hum engine needs attention
something clinks
and sample that sound for later
microphone out the window
the swallows too high pitched
disappears with the speed of light
dusky grey dark

It’s momentum

The incense fuming in the corner
and already the late cellist has lost it’s momentum
when in time
replacement window
false teeth glare
but mould appears from nowhere
when you least expect
to paint or not
too much oil paint on the beat
off the beaten tracks
track two
tape two
air violin
when patience unwound
and cheery flick of the head turned to scowl
where you came from

At the screen

Street light reflects on the window opposite
she sat and continued to flick at the screen
little point tapping message on it’s digital way
off miles
another car this time
with roaring sound
chap on your door
the descending light crepuscular creep
door closed knocker clank
and on goes the light on the left window
left out of everything
reflection of light
looks like a skull
if you move your head up it’s two ovals
after that we feel mellow

Rush writing

The messiaen went on to end of time
apparently wrong to the berliner
when timing was late
he was up all night
jiving and writing
rush writing
and crashing in someone’s car
at the timeless autograph in front of light loss



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